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No Signal on PS4? How To Fix PS4 Console

Is your PS4 not showing anything? You could have a common PS4 HDMI port problem.

Sony designed the PlayStation 4 to function as the digital hub of the living room, giving it a wide range of multimedia capabilities. The PS4 HDMI port connects the console to your television and transmits the sound and picture through. Almost all newer gaming consoles use HDMI cable because it supports the highest definition video signals and surround sound.

Unfortunately, Sony did make a big mistake with their PS4 gaming console; as with every generation, there is an underlying design flaw with PS4 gaming console. This time, we call it HDMI plague.

Due to poor design, first-generation PlayStation 4 consoles HDMI ports are weaker and tend to break.

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These ports are soldered using little tiny pins to a motherboard inside the PlayStation 4. When the HDMI cable is abruptly yanked, pulled or inserted at an angle, it breaks off the motherboard.

Some PS4 owners have reported HDMI issues when using the PS4 in conjunction with certain settings on their televisions. For example, your HDTV may be compatible with high-bandwidth Digital Content Protection, which helps to deter the unauthorized copying of media.

If you are facing issues with PS4 console, you must first look for signs of a PS4 HDMI port issue:

  • No video signal whatsoever, sometimes illustrated by a ‘No Input’ message or a black screen.
  • Pixelated or distorted graphics
  • When powering on the console, if the light starts blue and then eventually turns white with no display, then you likely have a hardware issue; if the light never turns white, it’s likely a POST issue and you won’t get video anyway.

If you observe any of the above, you need to check the HDMI port for signs of damage. Some early PS4 units were shipped with faulty HDMI ports. If this issue is present, an uneven piece of metal prevents full insertion of an HDMI cable. In some cases, PS4 owners have even damaged their HDMI cables by attempting to force them into these faulty ports.

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At Instant Technology Centre, we get dozens of PS4 console repair service requests from users. Most of the PS4 console owners need PS4 HDMI port replacement.

A broken PS4 HDMI port issue can be a terrible inconvenience. When your PS4 isn’t working, you haven’t just lost a game console – you may have also lost your Blu-ray player, your living room stereo and more. In order to fix PS4 problems, you would need professional assistance. Our team of expert technicians are here to help.

If you are looking for PS4 console repair or PS4 HDMI port replacement or any other type of console repair, call us 0208 3460 444 or contact us to get expert advice and solution for your console today.

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