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Latest News on the New iPhone 12 Release and Apple’s Big Launch Coming Soon

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The iPhone 12 was expected to be released this month (September 2020), but Apple has surprisingly confirmed it will be delayed. The question is, how delayed – and will it be split into two separate launches?

iPhone 12 Release Date

With internet booming with the news that iPhone 12 launch date is 15 September, Apple has not yet confirm instead holding an event with the tagline Time Flies, or sometime in October. Our first thought was that surely the iPhone 12 would make up part of the presentation on 15 September, because who in their right mind would organise two separate events so close together?

But of course this year is different: any Apple events will be virtual, so it’s not like they have to transport execs and journalists to a specific location, it’s just a question of editing and broadcasting video clips. And now two pundits who were previously at one another’s throats have come together in seeming agreement that the iPhone 12 won’t be mentioned on 15 September, and will probably have to wait until October.

Mark Gurman in his tweet notes that “it makes sense for Apple to break up the events more than they normally would since it essentially just slicing up video”, and ponders the chances of “an Apple event Three-Peat: Sept (Watch/iPad), October (iPhone), November (Mac)”.

You Are Invited!

While the excitement continues to mount, the company invites the visitors to the Apple website to join the event which will kick off on 15th Sep at 10am PDT (Pacific Daylight Time, which will be 6pm in the UK) from Apple Park. There is no official information as to what the event will consist of, which has led many to believe this is when the new iPhone 12 will be revealed but as we say, expect this to instead take a look at the new iPad, Apple Watch and potentially an over the head version of the currently in-ear AirPods.

The word on the street now is that there will be a separate event in October that will detail all we need to know about when we get our hands on the iPhone 12, and presumably the much-hyped AppleTags too.

According to the rumours from a supposed leak, there will be four new models named iPhone 12, iPhone 12 Max, iPhone 12 Pro and iPhone 12 Pro Max, following the same pattern as the previous release.

And the pandemic is still ongoing so there is still a possibility that these, albeit vague, dates could shift again. Well, we have to just wait and watch.

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