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How To Increase Laptop Battery Life?

Many of the latest laptops have enough battery power to last all day but if you’re reading this then clearly your laptop doesn’t last long enough for you. And since most modern laptops don’t have removable batteries, swapping the flat one out for a fully charged spare isn’t an option. So, it’s always good for the users to know how they can improve battery life instead of laptop battery replacement.

Here are our top tips on how to improve laptop battery life:

Often we get battery replacement repair requests from our customers who struggle with laptop battery life. With overuse, the battery life starts to deteriorate. However, there are ways to slow down that process or even improve battery life.

Sony Vaio Care Battery charge

Don’t leave your laptop on permanent charge

One of the most common mistakes that most users do is leaving their laptop on charging overnight. This leads to overcharging which impacts the battery life. Lithium-ion batteries should have overcharging protection, but it’s not good for the long-term health of your battery to leave your laptop always plugged in to the mains. Some manufacturers (including Sony and Lenovo) provide a utility which limits the battery from fully charging.

This helps to prevent battery degradation and means you can leave the laptop always connected to the mains. When you want to use your laptop on battery power and get maximum battery life, disable the limiter and allow the laptop to charge to 100 percent.

Don’t leave discs in your laptop

Leaving a disc in your DVD drive is a sure way to reduce battery life, as it might spin up whenever you launch a Windows Explorer window or access the Save option in an application. Newer laptops are unlikely to have a disc drive, but any USB accessories you leave connected, such as portable hard disks or USB web cams will also draw power, so unplug them if they’re not needed.

Discs are dying! How to live without a CD or DVD drive in your laptop

Manage your laptop settings

If you’re the sort who has 10 or even 20 tabs open in your web browser, you’ll benefit from longer battery life by culling those tabs. The same goes for running lots of applications at the same time. When you run lots of programs, or have lots of photos open in an editor, you’ll use up all the free system memory. Anything extra has to be ‘paged’ to the hard disk, which as we’ve said, is a mechanical device in many laptops. This not only slows your computer down but also increases battery life. One quick fix is to install more memory in your laptop, but keeping the bare minimum of programs and tabs open is another way to increase your battery life.

If you are looking for laptop battery replacement or any other type of laptop repair, call us 0208 3460 444 or contact us to get expert advice and solution for your laptop today.

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