Jen Hlad
3 months ago

I brought my laptop in to repair a broken screen. I was told by another shop that there might be a more serious problem, so I informed the ITC that this might be the case. They suggested that I leave it for inspection to avoid fixing something that would then require additional fixes/charges that I might not want to incur. They phoned me shortly after to let me know that it was just the screen. They had my laptop fixed by the next day. I am thoroughly impressed with the integrity, customer service and speed of delivery. I would highly recommend this company to anyone with computer troubles.


Owais Siddiqi
2 months ago
I first found out about them from a friend and when i went there their customer service was outstanding. They saved my iPhone 6 plus within hours.After that repair I went to them every time I had difficulty with technology. I would recommend then to all of you. When you go in ask for Akhtar he is the one that helped me with all my technology issues.
Liam Hawe
a month ago
The guys at ITC were very helpful, I was having issues with a second hand iPhone 5 and they were very honest and gave me some great advice. I would highly recommend their services!
marcus rose
2 months ago
I took my galaxy s5 there after breaking a headphone jack in the socket. They replaced the socket and the phone was ready to pick up withing two days. The guy was very polite and even kept me updated on the progress. Would highly recommend them.
Richard Andersone
4 months ago
Went here aiming to fix my mac a few weeks ago because it just shut down on me! As with most of us the problem wasn't soo much the mac but what was on it :-( so instant Technology came to the rescue salvaged all my files (which by the way were my wedding and engagement photos from 7 years ago!) and today I am a happy man and super happy customer :-)

Thanks for a million for the great work guys, moderately priced too which is a plus.

All the best and keep up the great work
Joss Bogod
2 months ago-
Extremely friendly people and yet very professional. they diagnosed the problem with my laptop and within a couple of days had ordered new parts and fixed my laptop for a reasonable price. Furthermore they kept me updated through text